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Whitfiled Clinic Self Payment Options

No Smoking Policy


Whitfield Clinic promotes a smoke free environment. As such, and in accordance with national legislation, smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the hospital and entrances. All patients and visitors must comply with the policy. For those who wish to smoke, there is a designated external smoking area. If you are a smoker and would like help to stop smoking, please speak with your doctor or nursing team about the available options.


Infection Control


Whitfield Clinic follows best practice guidelines in order to reduce the risk of infection. There are certain things that you as a patient or visitor can do to further reduce the risk of infection:


We ask that everybody entering the clinic decontaminate their hands by using the alcogel provided. Hand washing is the most effective way to prevent the spread of germs. It is especially important to wash your hands after using the toilet or before touching any operation site.


Depending on your planned procedure, you may be asked to shower/bath with a disinfectant soap to reduce the risk of infection. We also require that patients shower/bath the night before and morning of surgery. Let your nurse know if you require fresh linen or towels.


We ask that you tell friends and family who have colds, stomach bugs or other infections not to visit. Also avoid sitting on other patients' beds. Finally, we ask that you and your visitors remain sensitive to the needs of other patients and respond to any requests made to you by ward staff.


Fire Safety


In the unlikely event of a fire occurring, please follow the advice of our specially trained staff. If you discover a fire, please contact a member of staff or go to the nearest break glass point to raise the alarm.


Falls Prevention


In the interest of safety, you are requested to wear appropriate footwear at all times, i.e. no crocs, backless slippers or heels.


Quality Assurance


Whitfield Clinic is accredited by CHKS, an international accreditation body. By achieving and maintaining quality standards, we adhere to the highest standards of patient safety at all times.