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Whitfiled Clinic Self Payment Options


Your Healthcare Records

When you make an appointment with the Whitfield Clinic we will create a healthcare record for you.


  • This record will be both on paper and on the computer
  • When we make your appointment we will put your details on the computer system
  • At each visit we will check that your contact details are still the same such as your address, GP, phone number and next of kin
  • This is very important as we must have up to date information about you at all times
  • Each time you meet with the doctor or other healthcare staff, they will record information in your healthcare record
  • Test results and copies of any letters are also kept in the healthcare record


The actual healthcare record belongs to the hospital but the information in it belongs to you. If you want a copy of your healthcare record we will give it to you.

Accessing your Healthcare Records

This information will tell you how to get a copy of your own records from the Whitfield Clinic. If you want to get a copy of your own records you can send your request in writing


Your request needs to contain the following:



  • Your name at the time you were a patient, if it differs from your present name
  • Your date of birthYour address at the time of treatment
  • Details of the information you are looking for (for example, requesting a copy of x-rays)
  • Your present home address and telephone contact details
  • A photocopy of photo ID - either your passport or your driving licence.  Please note that your ID must match the name on the records you are seeking, otherwise we may require you to provide us with further details.
  • Any additional information which you feel is important to your request
  • Your payment as detailed below


You can send your request to us at:
By post to:

Data Protection Officer,
Medical Records Department,
Whitfield Clinic

Cork Road


By e-mail to:



If you will be leaving the country before your records are expected to be ready, you must ensure that we have up to date contact details for you, including a phone number so that we can contact you as we process your request.  You may either consent to us sending your records to a postal address in Ireland if you are happy for someone else to receive your records or we can send them to you abroad.


Allowing somebody else to access your records:


  • There may be times when you want somebody else to access your records, for example, your GP, consultant or a family member. 
  • We will only give your records to someone else when we have your consent to do so. 
  • Requests should be made as stated above, but we must also receive a letter signed by you, stating that you give your consent to the release of the records.
  • We will also need a copy of your passport or driving licence. 
  • We may contact you about the request to release your records.



A fee of €6.35 is charged for all requests, along with an extra fee of €10.00 for sending them registered post within Ireland or an additional fee of €10.00 for sending them registered post to an address outside Ireland.


Some additional fees may be charged, for example:


  • Copies of x-rays and ultrasound scans cost €10.00 per disc.  (The printed reports are released as part of your record).
  • Photocopying charges may be incurred at €0.05 cent per page depending on the volume of the chart


Making a payment:


  • Do not send cash in the post.
  • Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to "Whitfield Clinic" and enclosed with your application.


How long will the request take?

We will try to have your records ready for you in 40 days.  However, sometimes it can take longer.  We will send you an acknowledgement letter when we start to process your request, which will give you an indication of the timeframe.  Please give us as much notice as possible.


How will I get the records?

Your records will be sent to you by registered post.  Any records undelivered by An Post will be returned to us if uncollected within the stated timeframe.  We will require a further postage payment to resend your records.  Records cannot be e-mailed or collected in person.


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