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Mr Imtiaz Ahmad


Professional Profile

Mr. Ahmad graduated in 1983 and full time in Urology since 1995. Working as Urology consultant since 2003. He received his initial training in Urology in Galway, Limerick, AMNCH Tallaght and Beaumont Hospital Dublin. Now working as part time consultant Urologist in St James Hospital Dublin and Portlaoise Hospital. Working in the Whitfield Clinic as consultant Urologist since the hospital commenced in 2007.


We perform a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic Urological procedure in Whitfield. We have Ultrasound, CT and MRI scanners on site and PET scan is also available. We perform a number of Endoscopic and open surgical procedures. Cystoscopy, Ureteroscopy with endoscopic urinary stone management is done routinely. Bladder stones and tumours are treated and Prostatic obstruction is managed both medically and surgically. TURP has been the Gold standard for years for prostatic obstruction but now recently the latest Green Light Laser Photoselective Vaporisation of the prostate surgery machine has been introduced. With the latest technique now the prostate surgery can be performed with only one night hospital stay. Variety of scrotal and penile surgical procedures can also be performed like Hydrocele repair, Epididymal cyst excision, Varicocele repair, orchidopexy and Circumcision etc. Female UTIs and Incontinence management is done both medically and surgically. We have the facility to treat the kidney stones without surgery with the help of Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL).




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